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Gas powered electrical generators under ROLT PS trademark

Gas powered electrical generators under ROLT PS trademark

Design features of Rolt PS series electrical power stations


4 enhanced fittings of upper grip for loading-unloading operations and fixing during transportation. Container frame structure has sufficient strength and rigidity to accommodate and transport multi-ton engines and engineering systems with total weight up to 80 tons.

0002.png The presence of stairs and guard rails in module design is one of the safety requirements. Serve to prevent fall of servicing personnel. Produced from stainless steel.
0003.png Single- and double doors located on the sides of the container provide easy access to major parts and assemblies of gas reciprocating power unit (gas reciprocating power unit) or diesel power plant All the doors are equipped with mortise locks, «panic bars» and rubber gaskets. One of the side panels is demountable.
0004.png All technological ventilation openings in container walls and gates are equipped with snow protection grids and canopies from stainless steel.
0005.pngEnhanced integrity of mobile equipment (silencer, dry cooling tower, СУТ, exhaust system components etc.). Due to a slope, the atmosphere precipitation does not accumulate on the roof.
0006.png The outer walls of the module are made of profiled sheet of 1.5 mm thick. Corrosion protection of internal and external structural surfaces corresponds with requirements set by GOST 9.032, GOST 15150 and SNiP 2.03.11. Painting and application of a logo is in accordance with the client's corporate style.
0007.png Block-module bearing structures are produced from profile square pipes. The frame serves to distribute the load and vibration, arising when the internal combustion engines operates, on the foundation in a uniform way. Container welded load-carrying structure is designed for repeated unloading-loading operations and transportation.
0008.png Thermal insulation of walls, floor and ceiling of the container is made of non-combustible mineral wool sound-absorbing plates with increased resistance to acoustic influences. Noise factor in distance of 1 m from the electrical power station is 73 dB.
0009.png Dimensions of containers for the entire range of power plant, series Rolt PS, fully meet the requirements of transportation by road and rail.
0010.png Gland board to connect external power and control cables through the container walls can be placed at the discretion of the customer. Output of crankcase breather pipe is envisaged through the container wall.
0011.png Ventilation openings are equipped with heated louvres with electrical actuator. Internal opening has a noise-proofing box, changing direction of air flow and preventing the noise from leaving the container.
0012.png Two lifting rails (crane beams), with loads up to 7 tons each are performed on the entire length of the machine workshop and equipped with a manual hoist and hoist travel mechanism. The design solution enables to conduct scheduled technical maintenance of the generation equipment (including the overhaul repair!) внутри блок-модуля.
0013.png Block-module has the following types of lighting: working lighting that will provide general lighting of internal modular space at the level of 50-100 lux; emergency, that is activated at emergency situations; external; repair and removable, with voltage of 24-36 V of direct current.
0014.png Internal facing of walls, ceilings, and doors in block-module is made of perforates stainless metal sheet. To improve noise insulation qualities the coating includes integrated absorbing inflammable membrane, installed in 2 layers.
0015.png Ventilation openings are equipped with ventilators and located in a way to provide cooling of the most heated engine and generator parts and support air required for burning process.
0016.png Oil level in motor casing is supported by automated oil feeding system: In order to fill/discharge oil, the tank is equipped with filler neck, leading outside.
0017.png The container has electrical distribution system including switches and sockets of correspondent voltage with marking. Electrical communication lines are located in metal zinc boxes, fixed on container walls. It is done to simplify the process of further modernization of wire network or repair.
0018.png Generation equipment is installed into block module using units, that dampen vibrations, arising when the motor operates. Use of vibration isolator allows to reduce residual vibration to 3%. Low vibration load admits application of serial road slabs as electrical power plant foundation.

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ROLT wishes you a Merry Christmas and happy NY!
ROLT wishes you a Merry Christmas and happy NY!
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    ROLT holding — group management company, that makes strategic planning, evaluates financial and economic state of enterprises, and budget, monitors the execution of business plans and KPI.
    ROLT power systems — design, production and implementation of gas reciprocating power supply plants and diesel power plants, transformer substations, other power supply equipment.

    A base of ROLT machinery to produce mobile equipment for different chassis is an internal enterprise - "The Ural plant of experimental machine building".
    ROLT green energy activity is aimed at implementation of projects in the sphere of "green energy" - production of energy from renewable sources (the sun, the wind, the tide, geothremal heat etc.).
    The main activity of ROLT rent — is to lease gas turbine and diesel mini-CHP of serial production and to sell electricity from internal gas reciprocating power plants.
    ROLT trans possesses a railway terminal, capable to sort out and handle cargo with capacity up to 100 thousand tons per month, and provides full amount of logistical services.
    ROLT boiler systems — it is water and steam boilers of serial production, and customized, of modular and building execution. Official site
    ROLT energy service — a maintenance company in the group that provides comprehensive operation and maintenance services of complex equipment.