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Video presentations, reviews and 3D-visualisation of project, implemented by ROLT or in course of implementation, video reports on public events with our participation

Brief information on activity of ROLT group

Video film briefly describes activity of enterprises that are part of the group. Special attention is given to production capacities of the group in Kolomna and the products. Video is added with brief interviews with top managers and key employees. Separate unit describes in detail the activities of the service companies in the group - ROLT energy service.

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Project video presentation of gas reciprocating power unit 3.6 MW for production enterprise

Project video presentation of gas reciprocating power unit 3.6 MW for production enterprise based on three power supply modules ROLT PSG 1200. Internal electrical power station.
Gas reciprocating power units ROLT PSG 2000 day (electrical capacity 2 MW)

Video presentation of gas reciprocating power station ROLT PSG 2000 with a heat recovery system (electrical capacity of 2 MW) of block-modular execution based on Caterpillar G 3520 E engine.
Brief presentation of production capacities ROLT power systems

We offer mini-CHP that work on different types of fuel: natural gas, diesel fuel, associated petroleum gas, as well as on heavy fuels - crude oil and black oil fuel. Video shows gas reciprocating power unit Caterpillar, is packaged in our block container and equipped with heat recovery system. Such Mini-CHPs are not influenced by extreme weather conditions, as it withstands temperature from 60° С to + 40°С, and corrosion protection coating of internal and external surfaces correspond with requirements set by GOST.

The developed logistics system provided accessibility and operability of supply of spare parts. Besides, we offer our clients a wide choice of capacity range: from 500 kW to 10 MW.

The electrical powered stations are completed with high quality safe power supply units from leading world manufacturers in the branch, such as, - Caterpillar, MWM, GE Jenbacher, MTU, Cummins, FG Wilson etc. The gas reciprocating power and diesel cogeneration units have all the necessary certificates and permitting documents. All units pass strict quality control and are highly reliable. ROLT Mini-CHP provides the required power supply to your business. Acquiring Rolt Power Systems products you can always be sure that firstly in its effective and reliable work, secondly, in its repairability, thirdly, low operational expenditures.
Rolt PSG 770 Mini-CHP on the basis of Caterpillar

American company Caterpillar, Inc. has been on the market of heavy machinery and equipment for 85 years. Sales and revenues of the company in 2011 amounted to 60.138 billion US dollars. Rolt Power Systems makes packaging of gas reciprocating and diesel power units made by Caterpillar, with a model line of up to 300 items. Caterpillar installation can be used as a source of primary and backup power, providing a continuous supply of electricity to the consumer (under scheme 24/7 all year round). They can work as self-contained units and parallel with the network. Power plants based on Caterpillar provide energy for oil platforms and mines, cities and towns, hospitals, schools, airports and business & ndash; centres.

With the appropriate preliminary gas preparation, which is provided by the company, Caterpillar power units can operate on different types of gaseous fuels: on natural gas, associated petroleum gas, biogas, waste gas, as well as diesel and crude oil.

At the moment the most topical is the issue of utilization of associated petroleum gas. Decision of the Government & laquo; On measures to stimulate the reduction of air pollution with products after burning the associated gas on flare devices & raquo ;, which came into force on January 1, 2012 prescribes to recycle at least 95% of produced associated petroleum gas. For unlimited burning of gas the oil companies will be fined in amount of 16.5 bln roubles. In this regard, our company offers oil companies a disposal method - construction of power plants based on Caterpillar generators working on associated petroleum gas.

In the Russian market, very few companies offer power-based Caterpillar power plants, so our product is unique.. It is power supply of the future!

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Brochure "About ROLT GROUP"
Year: 2014
Language: Russian
Size, MB: 6
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    ROLT holding — group management company, that makes strategic planning, evaluates financial and economic state of enterprises, and budget, monitors the execution of business plans and KPI.
    ROLT power systems — design, production and implementation of gas reciprocating power supply plants and diesel power plants, transformer substations, other power supply equipment.

    A base of ROLT machinery to produce mobile equipment for different chassis is an internal enterprise - "The Ural plant of experimental machine building".
    ROLT green energy activity is aimed at implementation of projects in the sphere of "green energy" - production of energy from renewable sources (the sun, the wind, the tide, geothremal heat etc.).
    The main activity of ROLT rent — is to lease gas turbine and diesel mini-CHP of serial production and to sell electricity from internal gas reciprocating power plants.
    ROLT trans possesses a railway terminal, capable to sort out and handle cargo with capacity up to 100 thousand tons per month, and provides full amount of logistical services.
    ROLT boiler systems — it is water and steam boilers of serial production, and customized, of modular and building execution. Official site
    ROLT energy service — a maintenance company in the group that provides comprehensive operation and maintenance services of complex equipment.